32 Unit - Reno & Hold - PHASE 2

Funded: 100%

Status: Completed

New Value
Net Gain
  • Property Type:Multi-Family
  • Building Type:4 Story Walk-Up
  • Number Of Units:32
  • Investment Type:

General Partnership

Top Down Investment’s corporate structure is a general partnership comprised of seasoned professionals hand picked to ensure each investment has the right expertise in place for optimal performance.

Guy Bouchard

Guy Bouchard

Guy’s real estate investment career began in 2004 at the age of 21. Since then Guy has surrounded himself with some of the most successful and influential people in the industry, allowing him to learn some of the most successful investment strategies along the way. With his visionary strengths and creative methods, he began excelling in real estate and officially founded Top Down Investments Inc. in 2015. Since founding the company Guy has personally overseen and managed the acquisition of over $10M in real estate assets and earned impressive returns. Guy is an active member in the Real Estate community and in 2017, won “Multi-Family of the Year” award at the Real Estate Action Group in Vancouver BC. When not working, a family man at heart, Guy enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Shari and their four amazing children.

Brandon Lawson

Brandon Lawson

Born on the West Coast and raised in Nanaimo BC, Brandon is an expert on the local Nanaimo market. He sees great potential in his home city and knows the inner workings of every submarket, and its pockets. Brandon’s focus on self-development and continuous self-education has taught him the importance of integrity and hard work in the service he provides to his real estate clients and fellow investors. He is part of several investment education programs and an active investor himself. After completing his first joint venture at 25, Brandon has been involved in several projects ranging from single-family to multi-family endeavours. He’s partnered with Top Down Investments on the project in Nanaimo and is excited to work with Guy Bouchard on this multi-family investment and many future projects.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time to review the information contained in this prospectus or to request additional information or underwriting material.

Guy Bouchard



Property under contract due dilligence completed. Investment capital required for closing.

Funded/In Progress

Capital raised complete and investment is moving forward.


Original investment strategy has been fully executed & asset has either been sold or refinanced to hold long term.