Our Purpose.

Connecting Good People with Great Real Estate.

Our Vision.

Be the most respected developer on Vancouver Island.

TDI Team

Guy Bouchard, CEO

Guy’s real estate investment career began in 2004. Since then, Guy has surrounded himself with some of the most successful and influential people in the industry, allowing him to learn some of the most successful investment strategies around to date. He employs his diverse and extensive experience in the business to finding the win-win strategies that pertain to complex real estate development projects and managing them all the way through from top to bottom. Since founding TDI in 2015, Guy has personally overseen and managed many multi-million-dollar projects, earning his investors impressive returns along the way.

Brandon Lawson, VP of Acquisitions

Born on the West Coast and raised in Nanaimo BC, Brandon has deep roots on Vancouver Island. He sees great potential there and knows the inner workings of every submarket. That is what makes him not only a crucial part of our team, but a dedicated change-maker in community development. He is part of several investment education programs and an active investor himself. Brandon has been involved in several real estate projects ranging from single-family to multi-family, and after multiple partnerships with Top Down Investments, Brandon saw the potential of working with a team with incredible culture to solve bigger problems and add value to the communities they operate in. Through his roots and connections, Brandon works directly with our investors to find the perfect placements for them.

Claire Gullmes, CFO

As a highly experienced public practice accountant, Claire knows exactly how to accurately report financial information to our investors. Real estate investment is an industry that is based on results. Ensuring that we are always transparent with our investors and partners about those results requires Claire’s keen eye for detail and ability to report those details accurately. She makes sure that every number, every result, and every projection we present is based on due diligence. Claire digs deep into the data, finding the trends, projections, and numbers that mean the most to our investors and partners.

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