Introducing our new “fund”, that won’t necessarily be a fund…

You might be wondering why this is… well, the truth is, we are in the process of establishing the exact legal structure for this exciting new way to participate in our projects. A ‘fund’ is a specific structure, and we may end up with something a little different. Our lawyers wanted us to be clear that the exact structure isn’t nailed down yet… lawyers, so much fun!

What we are targeting is a way for our investors to get involved in a unique investment method that will provide opportunity for returns at ALL stages of ALL of our projects moving forward.

How is this possible? Interested in knowing more? Click the button below, get registered for updates, and we’ll share a bit more info and update you as things progress.

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Property under contract due dilligence completed. Investment capital required for closing.

Funded/In Progress

Capital raised complete and investment is moving forward.


Original investment strategy has been fully executed & asset has either been sold or refinanced to hold long term.